Yoga-Chi, Breathing and Relaxation Course

Course summary

Yoga-Chi, Breathing and Relaxation CourseThis course has been tried and tested for more than 8 years with fantastic results for hundreds of women. Yoga-Chi is so relaxing, with huge benefits for labour, birthing and parenting.

One of the first of its kind in the country when launched at Ipswich Hospital, the exercises are based on yoga, pilates and chi-kung with a strong emphasis on Breathing and Relaxation.

Jillian has undertaken a Birthlight Diploma in Perinatal Yoga. Birthlight provides excellent courses on yoga for pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery. These are subtly different to general yoga classes; postures are not held, the movement is like dancing, gentle, flowing posture and breath. Donít just take our word for it read the testimonials or better still give it a try!

The course is booked in blocks of 6 weeks. Book early to avoid disappointment. No previous experience necessary.

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To book a course please download a booking form from the Booking page.

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