Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy & Birth

Hypnotherapy is excellent for preparing for both labour and birth. It combines visualisation, effective breathing techniques and positive suggestion.

Hypnotherapy bypasses the busy analytical conscious mind and taps into the ‘old brain’, the subconscious state. Although in a deeply relaxing state you are always in control, unlike stage hypnotherapy; no barking like a dog!

Jillian has been a practicing midwife since 1985 and a fully qualified Registered Hypnotherapist since 1999. She has extended this service with great success to include infertility, pre-conceptual care, sexuality, parenting, pregnancy-related issues & birthing experiences such as past trauma, baby and pregnancy loss.

Hypnotherapy is offered in effective and empowering 1-to-1 consultations in a safe environment.

Phone Jillian now on her mobile 07957 349956, landline 01473 738104
or email jillian@thebabylady.com to book a session.

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