Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy & Birth

Bach Flower remedies are useful to restore a state of equilibrium into ones life by gently removing any negative states of mind and restoring a positive outlook. Bach Flower Remedies can help us to live emotionally healthy lives, to cope with the stress and strain of everyday living and the extra demands that pregnancy, labour and parenting throws our way.

Bach Flower Remedies are so gentle that they are suitable for pregnant women, women in labour and newly delivered mothers and babies. Jillian has used these remedies herself during first labour 17 years ago. Under laboratory testing the remedies appear to contain only mineral water and a trace of brandy as they are homeopathic in design. It is the subtle energy of the plant or flower that makes these remedies so effective.

Jillian completed her Bach Flower Practitioner training in 1998 following attendance of specific training on Bach Flower Remedies in Midwifery in 1997. One-to-one consultations are available, or you can book a workshop.

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